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This is another recipe I got from my Japanese cookbook I bought from Nishihonganji temple in Kyoto.

Here is the original recipe page:

Bell pepper tofu stir-fry

1 Koya tofu, squeezed dry and cut into small slices
1 green bell pepper, seeds removed, sliced into thin rings
A few pieces of either aburage tofu (油揚げ)or inari tofu skin(稲荷揚げ), cut into small slices
1 tbp sesame oil
1 tbp vegetable oil
White sesame seeds

[sauce mix] 1 tbp seawood dashi (昆布だし) + 1 tbp usuguchi soy sauce + 1 tsp rice vinegar + 1 tbp cooking rice wine + 2 tsp mirin + 2 tsp sugar

Slice the bell pepper into thin rings. Heat up oil (sesame oil+veg oil) in pan, add bell pepper. Then add in Koya tofu slices and aburage tofu slices. Once all the ingredients are decently cooked (the Koya tofu should be slightly browned at edges), add in the sauce mix and cook until the sauce has completely absorbed. Sprinkle with sesame seeds, toast for just another minute or two, then serve!

How to get Koya tofu

Koya tofu kits can be purchased from Japanese supermarkets. They look like this:

The package will come with instructions, which is just heat up water, mix the dried condiment packet, reconsistute the dehydrated tofu in it, then chill it in the fridge. When you need it for stir-fry, take it out, squeeze all the liquid out by wringing it lightly, then cut into piece.

Aburage or Inari Age

Aburage is a general term for fried tofu. It comes in many forms, but the one used here is the kind that is already deep fried and puffy. You can find this at Chinese and Japanese supermarkets.

Inari age is the marinated sweet tofu skin that you get when you order inari sushi at a restaurant. You can buy it either in a can or a fridged package at Chinese and Japanese supermarkets. Because it is already sweet, you may want to skip the sugar in the sauce mix if you decide to go with this.

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