almost 5 years ago

This is the middle of week 13, which is the last week of my first trimester. On Monday we went for the nuchal translucency ultrasound. I made Ian go with me. The thought was that if anything bad happens at least he got a chance to see it before it goes away.

Before the ultrasound, I spent the morning experiencing my first "morning sickness". For the past month, I had been only throwing up and having nausea at night. This morning all of a sudden I was throwing up once before lunch (since my stomach was mostly empty, it was dry heaving) and once after lunch (there goes some of my delicious Turtle Tower vietnamese noodles).

I was asked to go on a full bladder to make the screening easier. That's easy. I'm always on a full bladder these days.

It was a relief to see the baby with its heart still beating. Not only that, it was flipping around in the amniotic fluid. Much more lively than I last saw it at week 10. The technician pointed out its well-divided left and right brain hemisphere (why yes, I'm glad to see it has brains, very important you know), and while we were waiting for it to move around to got shots at different angles, it was also clear that it had developed two hands and two feet (another important feature of baby-ness).

The baby moved around a lot at first, then fell asleep. And that was unfortunate because we weren't done with taking pictures. So the technician started poking on my belly with the scanner, trying to wake it luck, it only made me reallly wanna pee. It probably had too much fun making me puke in the morning and it's now exhausted. Finally she told me to do three situps to alter my positioning and that did get the baby to shuffle around again.

After the ultrasound, we talked to a counselor that told us the odds so far looked good. I have another blood test and another ultrasound at week 20 which is going to conclude all prenatal testing.

With this visit, I feel more little relieved. I have denied myself any thought of purchasing maternity items until now, but after coming home yesterday, I went online and ordered some maternity clothes from Taiwan. Frankly I need them. I'm running out of clothes to wear (I have been wearing tank tops with Ian's hoodies at home) and I like Taiwan's fashion style better.

My nausea/vomiting/hunger cycle continues. I still get nauseated though not as badly as from week 6 - 10. My vomiting has become a daily routine which is unfortunate, but I have gotten more efficient at throwing up (practice makes perfect....). Hunger is still something I have to carefully monitor. I ended up getting a little too happy about the results and stayed up past 10PM without my usual post-dinner snack. Sure enough, I was punished by a midnight hunger crash that sent me once again sitting in the dark eating a piece of frozen pound cake (I found this at Ranch 99, it's from one of my favorite food brands in Taiwan and is pre-sliced, super tasty) with instant chicken soup. Sigh.

I did prenatal yoga for the first time a few days ago. I am about as flexible as a piece of glass right now, ughhhhhhh. The ridiculous pillow I bought is helping me transition to sleeping on the side but I think it's a little hard for my head and my head hurts some times.

Anyway, I have decided it's OK to publicize this post as well as the two I wrote earlier, one at week 10 and one about the miscarriage.

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