over 5 years ago

Today was a mild day mostly consisting of us eating and shopping in Osaka.

The only sightseeing we did was a visit to 四天王寺 (Shitennoji), which is the first buddhist temple commissioned by 聖徳太子 (Shotoku taishi) around 6AD (which puts this before Toudaiji which is 8AD). There is not much to see from the outside, but in the side of the temples (photography forbidden) had some interesting paintings related to the story of Buddha and 玄奘三蔵 (Genjo Sanzou) in Tang Dynasty China.

Lunch was at a unagi don place called 舟屋 (Funaya) outside Tennoji station. This place only sells unagi, which I was told was the way to get good unagi.

It was indeed good! I noticed how the sauce was a lot lighter and less sweet than the ones I've had in the US and Taiwan. I prefer it much better this way. When the sauce is heavy it sickens me a little, yet this tasted refreshing. Recommended!

We did a little shopping around Tennoji station. Then for dinner, we headed to Umeda station area.

In an attempt to get better ramen, I went to this 三代目 玉五郎 (Tamagorou) Umeda branch. It was in an unassuming corner in the B1 floor of a relatively unpopulated building.

Nevertheless, the ramen wasn't bad! Better than the nasty one I had at Nipponbashi a few days earlier. The ramen was chewy (this is key), the broth was lighter than I expected (also good), the chashu was not stellar but decent. Overall I'd give it 3.5 stars out of 5. Nothing to go out of your way for, but if one happens to be nearby, still worth a try.

Umeda station is HUGE. We went into the Daimaru department store B1F for some after-dinner dessert, and OH MY GOD THERE IS SO MUCH DESSERT HERE!

There is Kyoto style traditional 御菓子 (okashi):

And of course rice balls:

And western delicacies in evil incarnations:

We also passed by this pasta place that looks really promising:

I know curry is really big here, but....strawberry curry!?

I did my best to keep my sweets intake to a tolerable level. I still left Daimaru very, very full though. The place is both heaven and hell!

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