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I'm going to start sharing / recording my ultra lazy recipes for dinner. I made all 4 dishes simultaneously in about an hour. All of these are baby-friendly or can be modified to be baby friendly. Josephine eats these with us and she has no teeth yet.

Steamed Broccolini / Broccoli

Boil water in a pot. Put your bamboo steamers on. Wash and trim broccolini / broccoli. Steam for 10 min. Done.

No salt or no spices. You can put in a few cloves of garlic and a drop of olive oil for added flavor.

Sacha Sauce sautee Lamb or Beef

I buy frozen lamb or beef rib slices from Ranch 99. They should be pretty thin (like shabu shabu / hot pot grade thin) so you can easily cut them into smaller pieces and stir fry.

I get the Sacha sauce also from Ranch 99. Specifically I buy this brand of Sacha sauce but all brands should work. Alternatively you can use XO sauce which are also available from Chinese supermarkets.

Heat up oil in pot. Put a few crushed garlic in for added taste. Put in the cut up meat (lamb or beef) pieces, sautee for about 1 min then add the Sacha or XO sauce. When the meat is cooked through, about 5 min, you're done.

The next two dishes are vegetarian.

Sauteed potatoes and mushrooms

Slice the mushrooms. Cut potatoes into 1 in cubes (the smaller they are the faster they cook through). Heat up oil in pot, put the potatoes in and cook at medium heat for about 5-8 min, constantly stirring so it doesn't get burned. Add in sliced mushrooms and continue cooking and stirring. When the mushrooms are cooked through, turn heat down to low and cover it to let the steam cook the potatoes a bit more. Sprinkle basil and a dash of smoked salt. You may have repeat the cover & simmer / uncover & stir process to make sure the potatoes are cooked through. You should be able to poke through the potatoes easily with a fork at the end. The whole process may take 20 min depending on how small you cut the potatoes.

NOTE: the original recipe added pine nuts to the stir fry and I really liked it that way, but I dont' feel like giving baby pine nuts yet, so it is omitted.

Sauteed Tomato and Egg

Cut tomatoe into 2 - 3 in cubes or wedges. Beat the eggs as you would for making a scramble (you can add a dash of milk / cream / almond milk for better consistency). Heat up oil in pan, add the eggs as if you are making a scramble. Wait for the eggs to cook about half way through then stir in tomatoes. When tomatoes & eggs are well mixed and cooked through to your liking, you can add a sprinkle of white sugar (this is a Taiwanese dish, and Taiwanese dishes commonly add sugar to sweeten things a bit, in this case the sugar will blend well with the aciditiy of the tomatos).

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