over 5 years ago

Good news: I passed my H1B visa interview.

Ugly news: They won't let me pick up the passport when it's ready. I am praying that it delivers to my hotel without incident.

Osaka is hotter than when I left it. It was very sunny today.

I have been craving some Japanese style pasta & pizza recently, so here was lunch:

Eggplant tomato spaghetti and vegetable pizza. Very Japanese style indeed. Delicious too!

For dinner, I started craving お好み焼き (Okonomiyaki). In Taiwan it's translated as "Osaka yaki". That's how much of an Osaka thing it is. Indeed, along 道頓堀 (Dotonbori), which is just south of 心斎橋, every other restaurant sells Okonomiyaki. We randomly picked one that happened to be a chain store.

Verdict? Too saucy. Next time I might ask them to get rid of the sauce altogether. I realize the authentic version is heavy with soy sauce and mayonnaise, but I like things light these days. The yakisoba that came with the set was very boring, esp. since I make my own brand of kickass lamb yakisoba.

Dotonbori has lights along the river, which lights up just after 7PM.

It turns dark very quickly here.

On the way home, I noticed Baskin Robbins has a store here. I am somewhat amazed. Is Baskin Robbins that unique?

Now here's something I don't approve. Here is an ad for the store I was standing in front us. This ad looks all pretty and dreamy like it's trying to make you feel good about what they're trying to sell.

And this is what they're selling. Pachinko stores. I freaking hate these things. It's the equivalent of a reservation casino, except that anyone can open it anywhere in the city. It's noisy, tasteless, and just sucks the life out of people.

This is right next to our hotel & train station. Sigh.

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