about 5 years ago

Picture of dinner tonight!

Tonight's dinner consists of assorted tempura, gyoza (frozen pre-made), cherry blossom leaf rice, pickled veggies (recipe to come later), and fruit.

I was originally going to make teriyaki chicken (my recipe, by the way, is infinitely better than the nasty teriyaki chicken that populate the pseudo-Jap/Chinese restaurants), but decide instead of tempura-fry all my dinner ingredients for the sake of convenience.

There's many ways to make tempura or any deep fry breaded stuff (ex: chicken katsu), but this current recipe is not only vegan, but makes the breadding lighter than the usual ones which I appreciate.

Vegan Tempura

potato starch (片栗粉)
soy milk
panko (パン粉)
vegetable oil

Dipping sauce: dashi (use bonito if you can take fish; use kombu for vegan) mixed with moderate amounts of soy sauce (I use usukuchi soy sauce), a tad of mirin, and some white sugar.

It's super simple! Coat whatever you want to fry with potato starch, quickly dip it in soy milk, then roll it in panko. Heat up vegetable oil in pan, and commence frying!

I've used this to fry many things:

You can do chicken

Green beans (I cut them in half), green bell pepper, and tofu (which makes agedashi tofu!)

Eggplants, and even basil. For basil, I pre-soak the basil in water dissolved with baking soda, then coat it with potato starch, and directly fry it.

The dippin sauce is important. I like it not too salty, so I go light on the soy sauce. I like a little sweeter, so I add more sugar. You can get dashi either made with bonito:

Or with kelp (昆布 konbu):

If you get it in dried pebble form, the package will come with instructions on how much water to dissolve it in. You can also get it in a bottle, concentrated form. Or, in the case of konbu, you can buy dried konbu and cook the broth yourself.

Before eating, dip the deep fried food into the dipping sauce so the breading soaks up the flavor. Hmmmmmmm....sooooo good >///<

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